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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1198

59901. An infinite ladder is constructed with 1 Ω and 2 Ω resistors as shown below. Find i

59902. The Gandhara School of art developed during the time of,?

59903. Find current flowing through 1 H inductor at t = 0, at which switch 'S' is opened.

59904. The polar plot for positive frequencies is shown below. The gain margin is

59905. Input and output impedance with feedback for voltage series feedback having A = -200, R1 = 10 kΩ, R0 = 50 kΩ and feedback factor β = -0.2 will be

59906. Z = __________

59907. An FM transmitter delivers 80W to a load of 30 W when no modulation is present. The carrier is now frequency modulated by a single sinusoidal signal and the peak frequency deviation is so adjusted to make the amplitude of the second sideband is zero in the given output. J0(0, 0) = 1, J0(2, 4) = 0, J0(3.8) = - 0.4, J0(5.1)= - 0.1 J1(2, 4) = 0.52, J1((3.8) = 0, J1(5.1) = - 0.33, J2(2.4) = 0.1 J2(3.8)= 0.41, J2(5.1) = 0 The power in all the remaining sidebands is :

59908. In the circuit shown, all the transmission line sections are lossless. The Voltage Standing Wave Ration (VSWR) on the 60W line is

59909. It is desired to design a phase shift oscillator using an FET having a gm = 5000 μSiemen, rd = 40 kΩ and feedback circuit value of R = 10 K. Then value of C for oscillator operation at 1 kHz and that of RD for A = 40 to ensure oscillator action are

59910. The type of feedback in the following circuit diagram

59911. Modem warfare has changed from large scale clashes of armies to suppression of civilian populations. Chemical agents that do their work silently appear to be suited to such warfare; and regretfully, there exist, people in military establishments who think that chemical agents are useful tools for their cause, which of the following statements best sums up the meaning of the above passage:

59912. Sonia Gandhi has became an Indian Citizen by?

59913. A power of 100 W is radiated from an isotropic radiator. The power radiated peer unit solid angle and the power density at a distance of 10 km from the antenna is respectively

59914. For signal flow graph shown in following figure determine the ratio X5|X1. Use Mason's gain formula for signal flow graph.

59915. Consider following statements : Maximum energy of electrons liberated photoelectrically is independent of light intensity Maximum energy of electrons liberated photoelectrically varies nonlinearly with frequency of incident light.

59916. The fourier transform of a voltage signal x(t) is X(f). The unit of X(f) is __________ .

59917. Contour interval is

59918. The inconsistency of Ampere's law can be removed by adding __________ to it.

59919. Find the voltage across 64 Ω resistor

59920. If f(Z) = c0 + c1z-1, then is given by

59921. The capacitors C1, C3, C4 and C5 have a capacitance of 4 μF each and the capacitor C2 has a capacitance of 10 μF. The effective capacitance (in μF) between the points X and Y will be

59922. (9)11 x (9)13 x(9)15 = (?)16

59923. The equivalent T circuit of this coupled network is shown in figure. Find the values of ZA, ZB and ZC.

59924. Consider a parallel plate capacitor being charged. Identify the incorrect statements

59925. Find equivalent resistance. Each resistance is l Ω

59926. The following circuit is implementation of: sum of full addercarry of half adder difference of full subtractor

59927. Pulitzer Prize was instituted by..........?

59928. The region between a pin of parallel perfectly conducting planes of infinite extent is y and z directions is partially filled with a dielectric as shown below. A 30 GHz TE10 wave is incident on the air-dielectric interface. The VSWR at the interface is

59929. Consider the following amplifier with negative feedback If the closed loop gain of above amplifier is + 100, the value of β will be

59930. The signal y(t) = x(- t) is __________ .

59931. The Great Britain comprises of England, Scotland and .........?

59932. The ratio of condition current density to displacement current density for a good conductor and a good dielectric is respectively __________ .

59933. A 'n' bit sequence generator employing SR flip-flop has maximum length of the sequence as :

59934. The following circuit represents :

59935. In the circuit shown below current through the resistor is shown. Voltage across 4 Ω resistor is:

59936. If the function A, B are A = R + P Q + R S B = PQRS + PQRS + PQRS Which of the following is true?

59937. In 8085 microprocessor system, what will be the total delay provided by the following loop.
MVI A, 11H
Delay: DCX B
JNZ Delay where system clock is operating at 3 MHz.

59938. A speech signal, band limited to 4kHz and peak voltage varying between + 5V and - 5V is sampled at the Nyquist rate. Each sample is quantized and represented by 8 bits. The number of quantization levels required to reduce the quantization noise by a factor of 4 would be

59939. The maximum effective aperture of an antenna which is operating at wavelength of 2 m and has a directivity of 100 is __________ .

59940. A speech signal, band limited to 4kHz and peak voltage varying between + 5V and - 5V is sampled at the Nyquist rate. Each sample is quantized and represented by 8 bits. Assuming the signal to be uniformly distributed between its peak values, the signal to noise ratio at the quantizer output is

59941. The drain current of a MOSFET in saturation is given by lp = K(VGS - VT)2 where K is a constant. The magnitude of the transconductance gm is

59942. Two infinitely long wires carrying current are as shown in the figure below. One wire is in the y-z plane and parallel to the y-axis. The other wise is in the x-y plane and parallel to the x-axis. Which components of the resulting magnetic field are non-zero at the origin?

59943. A uniform plane wave is described by the equation H = A/m. If the velocity of the wave is 2 x 108 m/s and εr = 1.8, then. The electric field intensity is

59944. The amplitude modulated wave is given by __________ e = 25(1 + 0.7 cos 5000t - 0.3 cos 1000t) x sin 5 x 106t The amplitude of carrier and sideband frequencies in magnitudes are

59945. The distance between earth and sun is called?

59946. (11)2 + (11)3 = (11)?

59947. If h1[n] = 3δ[n] + δ[n - 1], h2[n] = 2δ[n] + δ[n - 2] h3[n] = δ[n] - 3δ[n - 1] + 7δ[n - 4] + 6δ[n - 6] h[n] = h1[n] h2[n] + h3[n] h1[n] has value

59948. The feedback control system shown in the given figure represents

59949. Time domain equivalent circuit of the figure is

59950. Locus of a point Z satisfying the equation arg is:

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