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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1399

69951. Statement: The new education policy envisages major modifications in the education system. Assumptions: Present education system is inconsistent with national needs. Present education system needs change.

69952. Statement: "Fly X airways whenever you decide to go places. Our fares are less than train fares."- An advertisement. Assumptions: People prefer to travel by air when the fares are reasonable. The fares of other airlines are costlier than those of X airways.

69953. Statement: "The programme will start at 6 p.m. but you can come there up to 7 p.m. or so and still there is no problem." Assumptions: The programme will continue even after 7 p.m. The programme may not even start by that time.

69954. Statement: An advertisement: If you want to follow the footprints of an ideal leader, wear 'X' brand of shoes. Assumptions: Most people like to become ideal leaders. One can't become ideal leader unless one wears X brand of shoes.

69955. Statement: The improvement in the quality of T.V. programmes will lead to increase in the sales of T.V. Assumptions: T.V. is a good entertainment medium. The quality of T.V, programmes has improved recently.

69956. Statement: With a sense of sincerity, quality teachers can improve the society. Assumptions: Quality teachers are sincere. Sincerity in teaching pays.

69957. Statement: The head of the organization congratulated the entire staff in his speech for their sincere effort to bring down the deficit and urged them to give their best for attaining a more profitable position in future. Assumptions: The employees may get motivated and maintain and if possible enhance their present level of work. The employees may now relax and slow down in their day to day work as there is no immediate threat of huge deficit.

69958. Statement: Money is the root cause of all the problems in a family. Assumptions: Every problem is caused by something. There are always some problems in a family.

69959. Statement: An advertisement: "Our shoes are for the rich." Assumptions: Many people like to be labelled as rich. One can't become rich unless one has that brand of shoes.

69960. Statement: In view of the violent situation due to students' agitation the state government has decided to close down all the educational institutions in the state for two weeks with immediate effect. Assumptions: The students' agitation may subside after two weeks. The students may not find a place to come further and continue agitation after the closure of the educational institutions.

69961. Statement: The taste of food contributes to the intake of nourishment which is essential for the survival of human beings. Assumptions: Human beings take food for the enjoyment of its taste. Human beings experience the taste of food.

69962. Statement: The economic prosperity of any nation is dependent on the quality of its human resources. Assumptions: It is possible to measure the quality of human resources of a nation. Achieving economic prosperity is a cherished goal of every nation.

69963. Statement: "Two months ago, it was announced that Central Government pensioners would get dearness relief with immediate effect but till date, banks have not credited the arrears." - A statement from a Pensioners' Forum. Assumptions: Most of the banks normally take care of the pensioners. Two months time is sufficient for the government machinery to move and give effect to pensioners.

69964. Statement: "If it does not rain throughout this month, most farmers would be in trouble this year." Assumptions: Timely rain is essential for farming. Most farmers are generally dependent on rains.

69965. Statement: Equality of income throughout a community is the essential condition for maximising the total utility which the total income available could confer on the members of that community. Assumptions: If extra income were taken from the rich and given to the poor, the total utility experienced by the community would increase. Equal pay for equal work.

69966. Statement: "Present day education is in shambles and the country is going to the dogs." Assumptions: A good education system is essential for the well-being of a nation. A good education alone is sufficient for the well-being of a nation.

69967. Statement: If the city bus which runs between Ram Nagar and Sant Colony is extended to Vasant Vihar, it will be convenient. - Appeal of residents of Ram Nagar to the city bus company. Assumptions: The convenience of the city bus company is much more important than the needs of the consumers. The city bus company is indifferent to the aspirations of the residents of Sant Colony.

69968. Statement: If Rajan has finished reading the instructions, then let him begin the activities accordingly. Assumptions: Rajan would understand the instructions. Rajan is capable of performing the activities.

69969. Statement: The civic authority appealed to the people for reduction in usage of water as there may be an acute shortage during the coming weeks. Assumptions: There will be no rain in recent future. The people are ready to follow the advice of the civic authority.

69970. Statement: "Everyone desires to buy a personal computer", statement of a college student. Assumptions: Personal computers are not a need but a luxury. Use of personal computers improves quality of skill.

69971. Statement: "It has become a necessity to computerize all the functions of our Institute to maintain the present position." - A statement of the Director of XYZ Institute. Assumptions: Unless computerized, the Institute will fall behind the race. The functions of the Institute are too complex to be handled manually.

69972. Statement: The product X that you have asked for is not with us but can be made available against firm order from you. Assumptions: The product X is not in great demand. The product X is out of stock as new model is coming up.

69973. Statement: "X air-conditioner - the largest selling name with the largest range." - An advertisement. Assumptions: X air-conditioner is the only one with wide variations. There is a demand of air-conditioners in the market.

69974. Statement: Ministry has announced an economic package to support the voluntary organisations. - An official notice, Assumptions: Voluntary organisations do not need such support. Government was not supporting the voluntary organisations earlier.

69975. Statement: "Though the candidates have been instructed to bring pencils, yet provide some pencils with each invigilator." - An instruction to test administration staff. Assumptions: Pencils are in short supply. All the candidates will bring the pencil.

69976. Statement: "If you want timely completion of work, provide independent cabins," - An employee tells the Director of a Company. Assumptions: There are not enough cabins. Others' presence hinders timely completion of work.

69977. Statement: No regular funds have been provided for welfare activities in this year's budget of the factory. Assumptions: The factory does not desire to carry out welfare this year. Budgetary provision is necessary for carrying put welfare activities.

69978. Statement: The host in one of the popular T.V. programmes announced that the channel will contact the viewers between 9.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. on weekdays and the lucky ones will be given fabulous prizes. Assumptions: The people may remain indoors to receive the phone call. More people may start watching the programme.

69979. Statement: The electric supply corporation has decided to open a few more collection centres in the business district area. Assumptions: The people in the area may welcome the decision. Henceforth there may be less time required by the customers for paying electricity bill.

69980. Statement: "A visit of school children to forest to widen their knowledge of natural resources has been arranged." - A notice in the school. Assumptions: Forests are full of natural resources. Children are likely to learn from their interaction with the new environment.

69981. Statement: There is no reason to rule out the possibility of life on Mars. Therefore the exploration of that planet has to be undertaken. Assumptions: There is life on Mars. The search for life is the sufficient reason for space exploration.

69982. Statement: Use PVC pipes which have 10 years longer life to any other. Assumptions: People prefer only those pipes which are durable. Other pipes are not durable.

69983. Statement: The Union Government has decided to withdraw existing tax relief on various small savings schemes in a phased manner to augment its tax collection. Assumptions: People may still continue to keep money in small savings schemes and also pay taxes. The total tax collection may increase substantially.

69984. Statement: Read this notice before entering the club. Assumptions: People are literate. No blind person comes to the club.

69985. Statement: "Wanted a two bedroom flat in the court area for immediate possession." - An advertisement. Assumptions: Flats are available in court area. Some people will respond to the advertisement. It is a practice to give such an advertisement.

69986. Statement: This book is so prepared that even a layman can study science in the absence of a teacher. Assumptions: A layman wishes to study science without a teacher. A teacher may not always be available to teach science. A layman generally finds it difficult to learn science on its own.

69987. Statement: "We do not want you to see our product on newspaper, visit our shop to get a full view." - An advertisement. Assumptions: People generally decide to purchase any product after seeing the name in the advertisement. Uncommon appeal may attract the customers. People may come to see the product.

69988. Statement: There is big boom in drug business and a number of jhuggi-jhopari dwellers in Delhi can be seen pedalling with small pouches of smack and brown sugar. Assumptions: Drug addiction is increasing in the country, specially in the capital. All the big dons involved in the smuggling of drugs live in jhuggi-jhopari areas. Most of the jhuggi-jhopari dwellers would do anything for money.

69989. Statement: "X-chocolate is ideal as a gift for someone you love." - An advertisement. Assumptions: People generally give gifts to loved ones. Such advertisements generally influence people. Chocolate can be considered as a gift item.

69990. Statement: "Fly with us and experience the pleasure of flying."- An advertisement by an airlines. Assumptions: More passengers may be attracted to travel by the airline after reading the advertisement. People generally may prefer an enjoyable flight. Other airlines may not be offering the same facilities.

69991. Statement: Bombay people were spellbound, mesmerized and got mad when they saw the famous pop-singer Michael Jackson's hi-tech pulsating megawatt performance. Assumptions: When a show is accompanied with latest technology, it has a magical effect. Bombay people were never impressed with performances by Indian musicians. Michael Jackson is a super singer.

69992. Statement: The residents of the locality wrote a letter to the Corporation requesting to restore normalcy in the supply of drinking water immediately as the supply at present is just not adequate. Assumptions: The Corporation may not take any action on the letter. The municipality has enough water to meet the demand. The water supply to the area was adequate in the past.

69993. Statement: "We have the distinction of being the only company in India as well as the second in the world to have won an ISO 9002 certification in our line of business." - Statement of Company X's Chairman. Assumptions: There were not many companies in the line of business of Company X. Getting ISO 9002 in the line of business of Company X is not easy. The Company X desires to expand its business.

69994. Statement: "I want to present a book on techniques of yoga to Ajay on his birthday."- A tells B. Assumptions: A will be invited by Ajay on his birthday. The person, to whom the book is to be presented, is not keeping good health. Book is an acceptable gift for birthday.

69995. Statement: Let us increase the taxes to cover the deficit. Assumptions: The present taxes are very low. Deficit in a budget is not desirable. If the taxes are not increased, the deficit cannot be met.

69996. Statement: "We must introduce objective type tests to improve our examinations for admission to MBA." - The Chairman of the Admission Committee tells the Committee. Assumptions: The admission at present is directly through the interview. The Admission Committee is desirous of improving the admission examinations. The Chairman himself is an MBA.

69997. Statement: Use 'X' brand shoes. These are durable and available in all sizes. - An advertisement in the newspaper A. Assumptions: Normally people like durable shoes. Very few people read advertisement in a newspaper. Very few people read the newspaper A.

69998. Statement: The State Government has unilaterally increased by five percent octroi on all commodities entering into the state without seeking approval of the Central Government. Assumptions: The State Government may be able to implement its decision. The Central Government may agree to support the State Government's decision. The State Government may be able to earn considerable amount through the additional octroi.

69999. Statement: In the recently held All India Commerce Conference the session on 'Management of Service Sector in India' surprisingly attracted large number of participants and also received a very good media coverage in the leading newspapers. Assumptions: People were not expecting such an encouraging response for service sector. Service sector is not managed properly in India. Media is always very positive towards service sector.

70000. Statement: "If you are intelligent, we are the right people for improving your performance." - An advertisement of a coaching institute. Assumptions: Brilliant students prefer to join coaching classes. Coaching classes help the students to improve their performance. No other institute provides such coaching.

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