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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1419

70951. In a crystalline material, atoms are arranged in definite and orderly manner and form.

70952. The austenitic stainless steel contains

70953. The process used for relieving the internal stresses previously set up in the Metal and for increasing the machinability of steel, is

70954. Steel containing upto 0.15% carbon, is known as

70955. In a unit cell of a body centred cubic space lattice, there are __________ atoms.

70956. What is the sum of n terms of the series 2+4+6+-------?

70957. The nuts and bolts are made from silicon steel.

70958. Silicon in cast iron

70959. The process which improves the machinability of steels, but lowers the hardness and tensile strength, is

70960. Which of the following iron exists at 910° C?

70961. The iron ore mostly used for the production of pig iron is

70962. A carbon steel having Brinell hardness number 100 should have ultimate tensile strength closer to

70963. The steel widely used for making precision measuring instruments is

70964. The ductility is the property of a material due to which it

70965. The high speed steel has __________ percentage of tungsten.

70966. The essential constituent of a hardened steel is

70967. The cutting tools are made from

70968. The maximum solubility of carbon in austenite is 1.7% at 1130° C.

70969. In a close packed hexagonal space lattice, there are

70970. Iron-carbon alloys containing 4.3% carbon are known as hypo-eutectic cast irons.

70971. The approximate height of a blast furnace is

70972. A steel alloy containing 36% nickel is called

70973. The addition of manganese to aluminium improves corrosion resistance.

70974. The temperature point at which the change ends on heating the steel is called

70975. The malleability is the property of a material due to which it can be rolled or hammered into thin sheets.

70976. The process of inducing carbon to __________ carbon steels in order to give it a hard surface is known as carburising.

70977. Which of the following solids are malleable and ductile?

70978. The delta-iron possesses a body centred cubic space lattice.

70979. Thermosetting plastics are those materials which

70980. Admirality gun metal contains

70981. The percentage of phosphorus is phosphor bronze is

70982. In high speed steels, vanadium adds to the property of red hardness and tungsten and chromium add to high wear resistance.

70983. For the pipe fitting like elbow, tee, union etc., which of the following is preferred?

70984. Chilled cast iron is produced

70985. Silicon is added in low carbon steels to

70986. According to Indian standard specifications, cast iron designated by 'FG 150' means

70987. The red flame during the operation of a bessemer converter indicates that the

70988. Phosphor bronze has

70989. In the austempering process of heat treatment, austenite changes into

70990. Which of the following material has maximum malleability?

70991. Nichrome contains more iron than Inconel.

70992. Hardness of steel is increased by adding sulphur, lead and phosphorus.

70993. If a2+b2=25 and ab=12,then (a+b)/a-b is:

70994. The machine tool guide ways are usually hardened by

70995. Monel metal contains

70996. A fine grained steel

70997. Babbit metal contains

70998. A steel with 0.8% carbon is known as

70999. When a steel containing more than 0.8% carbon is cooled slowly below the lower critical point, it consists of

71000. In the middle part of the blast furnace (zone of absorption), the temperature is

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