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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1418

70901. Which of the following property is desirable in parts subjected to shock and impact loads?

70902. German silver contains

70903. Connecting rod is, usually, made from

70904. Which of the following inpurity in cast iron makes it hard and brittle?

70905. There are fourteen atoms in a unit cell of

70906. The maximum internal diameter of a blast furnace is about

70907. In spheroidising process, the steel is

70908. Pearlite is a combination of 87% ferrite and 13% cementite.

70909. The percentage carbon content in wrought iron is about

70910. The alloying element which reduces the formation of iron sulphide in steel is

70911. For a steel containing 0.8% carbon

70912. In high speed steels, manganese is used to tougher the metal and to increase its

70913. The machinability of aluminium increases when __________ is added to aluminium.

70914. Body centred cubic space lattice is found in

70915. When a low carbon steel is heated upto lower critical temperature,

70916. Grey cast iron is __________ than white cast iron.

70917. Corrosion resistance of steel is increased by adding nickel and chromium.

70918. The silicon steel is widely used for

70919. Ball bearings are, usually, made from

70920. Macro-structure of a material is, generally, examined by

70921. Aluminium has low density and addition of silicon improves its fluidity and therefore, its castability.

70922. Which of the following property is desirable for materials used in tools and machines?

70923. Babbit metal is a

70924. The metal suitable for bearings subjected to heavy loads, is

70925. The compressive strength of cast iron is __________ that of its tensile strength.

70926. When a steel containing less than 0.8% carbon is cooled slowly from temperatures above or within the critical range, it consists of

70927. Eutectoid reaction occurs at

70928. The addition of copper to aluminium possesses maximum strength after heat treatment and age-hardening

70929. Nickel when added to copper improves

70930. In the lower part of the blast furnace (zone of fusion), the temperature is

70931. Which of the following impurity in cast iron promotes graphite nodule formation and increases the fluidity of the molten metal?

70932. The arithmetic average of 10 numbers is If one is added to each number,by how much would the average increase?

70933. Inconel contains

70934. In a hardening process, the hypo-eutectoid steel is

70935. The ratio of the volume occupied by the atoms to the total volume of the unit cell is called

70936. Which of the following statement is incorrect about duralumin?

70937. The property of a material which enables it to retain the deformation permanently, is called

70938. Sulphur in cast iron

70939. Cementite consist of

70940. Cast iron is a ductile material.

70941. Manganese is added in low carbon steel to

70942. Beryllium bronze contains

70943. The portion of the blast furnace below its widest cross-section is called

70944. Gamma-iron occurs between the temperature range of

70945. When filing or machining cast iron makes our hands black, then it shows that __________ is present in cast iron.

70946. According to Indian standard specifications, a plain carbon steel designated by 40 C8 means that the carbon content is

70947. Wrought iron

70948. In iron, the presence of carbon in free form is called graphite.

70949. In a body centred cubic space lattice, there are nine atoms out of which eight atoms are located at the corners of the cube and one atom at its centre.

70950. Which of the following is a case hardening process?

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