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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1417

70851. Which of the following is added in low carbon steels to prevent them from becoming porous?

70852. A steel with carbon __________ is known as hypo-eutectoid steel.

70853. Free cutting steels

70854. The presence of hydrogen in steel causes

70855. Tin base white metals are used where the bearings are subjected to

70856. The charge of the blast furnace consists of

70857. The ability of a material to resist fracture due to high impact loads, is called

70858. The purpose of heat treatment is to

70859. An alloy of copper, tin and zinc is known as

70860. Which of the following iron exist between 910° C and 1403° C?

70861. The material in which the atoms are arranged chaotically, is called

70862. In basic bessemer process, the furnace is lined with

70863. Polyvinylchloride (PVC) is a __________ material.

70864. In a unit cell of close packed hexagonal space lattice, there are twenty four atoms.

70865. The steel produced by cementation process is known as __________ steel.

70866. Duralumin has better strength than Y-alloy at high temperature.

70867. Normalising of steel is done to

70868. A steel containing 12 to 14% chromium and 0.12 to 0.35% carbon is called martensitic stainless steel.

70869. When a steel containing __________ 0.8% carbon is cooled slowly below the lower critical point, it consists of ferrite and pearlite.

70870. Shock resistance of steel is increased by adding

70871. In low carbon steels, __________ raises the yield point and improves the resistance to atmospheric corrosion.

70872. A steel containing 16 to 18% chromium and about 0.12% carbon is called

70873. The alloy, mainly used for corrosion resistance in stainless steels is

70874. The temperature required for full annealing in hyper-eutectoid steel is

70875. Which of the following metal shrinks most from molten state to solid state?

70876. A steel containing ferrite and pearlite is

70877. The defect which takes place due to imperfect packing of atoms during crystallisation is known as

70878. The upper critical point varies according to the carbon content in steel.

70879. A coarse grained steel

70880. Duralumin contains

70881. Age hardening is related to

70882. The addition of which of the following improves machining of copper?

70883. When a medium carbon steel is heated to coarsening temperature,

70884. Phosphorus is added in low carbon steels to raise its yield point.

70885. In process annealing, the hypo-eutectoid steel is

70886. Delta-iron occurs between the temperature range of

70887. According to Indian standard specifications, SG 400/15 means

70888. White cast iron has

70889. Iron-carbon alloys containing carbon __________ 4.3% are known as hyper-eutectic cast irons.

70890. The stiffness is the ability of a material to resist deformation under stress.

70891. The acidic bessemer process is suitable for producing steel from pig iron containing large quantities of phosphorus.

70892. In low carbon steels, presence of small quantities of sulphur improves

70893. Cast iron is used in those parts which are subjected to shocks.

70894. The aluminium alloy made by melting aluminium with 2 to 10% magnesium and 1.75% copper is called

70895. Y-alloy contains

70896. The steel scrap added in the charge of cupola controls the grade of cast iron produced.

70897. The main alloying elements high speed steel in order of increasing proportion are

70898. Which of the following metal is used in making electrical resistance wire for electric furnaces and heating elements?

70899. Which of the following metal is used for nuclear energy?

70900. The bond formed by transferring electrons from one atom to another is called

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