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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2192

109601. Which is problem oriented language

109602. minimum number of stacks of size n required to implement a queue of size n

109603. In C how many parameters can passed to a function

109604. Which statement we should ignore in structure programming

109605. Deletion from one end and insertion from other end is

109606. Repeated execution of simple computation may cause compounding of

109607. ++i is equivalent to

109608. Information about an array used in a program will be stored in

109609. Preorder is

109610. Smallest individual unit in java program is known as

109611. How many keywords are available in java

109612. Main method parameter has which type of data type

109613. javah stands for

109614. Hot java is

109615. Which keyword represents object of the present class

109616. Which keyword is used while using interface

109617. Executable applet is

109618. Which driver is efficient and always preferable for using JDBC applications

109619. In which we clone the object and their constituent parts

109620. The inner class can access private members of the outer class

109621. Which command disassembles a class file

109622. There is no default transaction attribute for an EJB

109623. Which method of the Applet class displays the result of applet code on screen

109624. Applet always executed on

109625. If nested try is possible

109626. Interfaces helps in which type of inheritance

109627. ____ allows java code to run in the JVM to call and be called by native applications

109628. Which method of java is invoked by JVM to reclaim the inaccessible memory location

109629. How many transaction isolation levels are defined in java.sql.Connection interface

109630. Which driver is called as thin-driver in JDBC

109631. Java is known as _______stage language

109632. what is jdb

109633. What do you mean by javap

109634. Which of the following command is used to compile the Java program

109635. What is meaning of jar

109636. Which command is used for interpretation of java program

109637. Java intermediate code is known as

109638. Which is the predefined package

109639. Process of creating exact copy of the existing object is called

109640. JAR file contains the compressed version of

109641. In java, gc() method is available in which package

109642. All methods of interface are public and abstract

109643. Execution of the program is always begins with

109644. Super is the predefined

109645. String is the predefined

109646. Which type of inheritance is not supported by java

109647. Inheritance means

109648. Methods that have same name, but different Parameter list and different definition known as

109649. If method have same name as class name and method don’t have any return type then it is known as

109650. x=x+1 is equivalent to

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