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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 277

13851. Raju told me that he ………to go home that day.

13852. Shakespeare ………….as the greatest playwright.

13853. Gita is writing an essay ……the new economic policy.

13854. If I got a lot of money, I …………buy an aeroplane.

13855. Mr. Smith, the only foreigner in our group, is ………European.

13856. My parents …………Paris last month.

13857. Nina is ……..than Anil.

13858. We tried our best, but ………..not win the match.

13859. The teacher wanted the students to ………the important points.

13860. ‘Maiden speech’ means ………….

13861. …………is the one word substitute for ‘the pen name adopted by a writer’.

13862. Which prefix can be used to form the opposite of the word ‘gratitude’?

13863. Prima facie means ……….

13864. The story is about a ………between two brothers.

13865. A' transfers the ownership of 10 acres of land to 'B' for a consideration of one rupee. The transaction is:

13866. A group of lions is known as………

13867. The plural form of the word ‘criterion’ is ………

13868. Which of the following is the synonym of ‘attentive’?

13869. In a transfer of property the property transferred as a security, the transaction is:

13870. The Reserve Bank of India started functioning from:

13871. Public servant in judicial proceedings corruptly making report, shall be punishable with a maximum of:

13872. . The matter which was considered in Hussain V. State:

13873. . Whoever commits dowry death shall be punished with imprisonment for a term which shall not be less than:

13874. .'A' on grave and sudden provocation fires a pistol, at Z under such circumstances that if he thereby caused death he would be guilty of:

13875. IMDB is an online database of information and ratings that related to------

13876. Attempt to commit suicide is an offence under

13877. . Whoever causes bodily pain, disease or infirmity to any person is said to cause:

13878. A causes Z to go within a walled space and locks Z in. Z is thus prevented from proceeding in any direction beyond the circumscribing line of wall. The offence committed by 'A'is:

13879. The offence mentioned under Sec. 366 -A of the Indian penal code is:

13880. . Thukaram V. State is popularly known as

13881. Dacoity is an offence committed by a minimum of

13882. Jadunath Singh V. State of U.P. is related with:

13883. Confession caused by inducement, threat or promise is:

13884. . Which of the following is correct?

13885. . A court of Admirality jurisdiction decides cases arising out of:

13886. Previous bad character of an accused is

13887. Herself:Gender and Early writings of Malayalee Women is written by---------

13888. All statements which the court permits or requires to be made before it by witness in relation to the matters of fact under inquiry are treated as:

13889. The Indian who attended the parliament of religions at Chicago in 1893:?

13890. Who was the father of German Unity?

13891. Henry VIIIth clause is related with:

13892. szAccording to Art. 222, the President can transfer a judge from one High Court to another

13893. Cognizance of an offence under section 498 A of IPC can be taken:

13894. No person shall be eligible for the President unless :

13895. Which of the following right is not available to non citizens?

13896. Appointment of Comptroller and Auditor General of India is by:

13897. Panchayati Raj System was introduced by:

13898. Appeal by special leave is under

13899. In B.R.Kapoor V. State of Tamil Nadu the Supreme Court has said that:

13900. The 42nd Amendment Act was on:

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