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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 446

22301. In an engine stroke length is

22302. Range of compressibility co-efficient of the commercial compressible cake obtained in filtration operation is

22303. Highly viscous liquids & pastes are agitated by

22304. The value of 'angle of nip' is generally about

22305. Size reduction of the __________ can be suitably done by ball mills, crushing rolls and rod mills.

22306. Sulphuric acid mist is arrested by using a __________ scrubber.

22307. The main size reduction operation in ultrafine grinders is

22308. In case of a hammer crusher,

22309. Jigging is a technique by which different particles can be

22310. Crushing of mineral particles is accomplished in a 'cage mill', when one or more alloy steel bars are revolved in opposite directions. It is a type of __________ mill.

22311. Balls for ball mills are never made of

22312. 200 mesh screen means 200 openings per

22313. __________ is the most commonly used 'filter aid'.

22314. Energy consumed for crushing one ton of material ranges from __________ kWh.

22315. For transporting pasty material, one will use a/an

22316. Where the density difference of the two liquid phase to be separated is very small (as in milk cream separator), the most suitable separator is a

22317. A tube mill compared to a ball mill

22318. Trommels separate a mixture of particles depending on their

22319. Basic slag is not ground in

22320. Grindability of a material does not depend upon its

22321. Shape factor for a cylinder whose length equals its diameter is

22322. In case of a hammer crusher, the

22323. Dust laden air can be purified using a

22324. Rittinger's number designates the new surface created per unit mechanical energy absorbed by the material being crushed. Larger value of Rittinger's number of a material indicates its

22325. Capacity (in tons/hr) of jaw/gyratory crusher is equal to (where, L = length of the receiving opening, cm S = greater width of the discharge opening, cm)

22326. Vacuum is applied in __________ zone, in case of a general type continuous rotary drum vacuum filter.

22327. General crushing equation is given by . Bond's crushing law isobtained by solving this equation for n = __________ and feed of infinite size.

22328. Which of the follwoing mechanical conveyors does not come under the division 'scrapers' ?

22329. __________ mixer is used for devulcanisation of rubber scrap & making water dispersion & rubber solution.

22330. Which of the following mechanical conveyors does not come under the division 'carriers' ?

22331. Screen capacity is not a function of

22332. Which of the following is a vacuum filter ?

22333. Pine oil used in froth floatation technique acts as a/an

22334. Length/diameter ratio of a ball mill is

22335. Feed size of ≥ 25 cms can be accepted by

22336. Which is the most suitable conveyor for transportation of sticky material ?

22337. The most suitable equipment for removing the fine dust particle (< 1 micron dia.) from air below its dew point will be a/an

22338. Laminar flow region is said to exist during agitation of a liquid in an agitator, when the value of Reynolds number is

22339. Filtration of water in a paper mill is done by a/an __________ filter.

22340. Moore filter is a __________ filter.

22341. Sphericity of a cubical particle, when its equivalent diameter is taken as the height of the cube, is

22342. Ball mill is used for

22343. In case of a ball mill,

22344. Maximum size reduction in a ball mill is done by the, __________ action.

22345. increasing the capacity of a screen __________ the screen effectiveness.

22346. The power number for a stirred tank becomes constant at high Reynolds number. In this limit, the variation of power input with impeller rotational speed (N) is proportional to

22347. Bond crushing law

22348. Flow of filtrate through the cake in a plate and frame filter press is best described by the __________ equation.

22349. The controlling resistance in a rotary drum vacuum filter is the __________ resistance.

22350. Which of the following is used for primary crushing of very hard lumpy materials ?

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