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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 475

23751. Bode diagram are generated from output response of the system subjected to which of the following input?

23752. Which of the following thermocouples is the most suitable for measuring a temperature of about 1600°C in an oxidizing atmosphere ?

23753. Mercury thermometer can be used to measure the temperature upto __________ °C.

23754. The transfer function of a process is . If a step change is introduced into the system, then the response will be

23755. Vapour actuated pressure spring thermometer does not require ambient temperature compensation. Ambient temperature compensation is provided in gas or liquid expansion pressure spring thermometer by

23756. Which of the following is not a differential pressure flow meter ?

23757. Working principle of mercury in glass thermometer is based on volumetric expansion of mercury with increase in temperature. Which of the following undergoes minimum volumetric expansion for a given temperature change ?

23758. Bourdon gauges are used for measuring pressure (kg/cm2 )

23759. A photo electric device in which the resistance of the metal is directly proportional to the light striking on it, is known as photo-conductive cell. Photoelectric transducers are used for the measurement of those parameters, which can be used to produce variation in

23760. A typical example of a physical system with under damped characteristic is a

23761. An aneroid barometer measures the __________ pressure.

23762. A bolometer is

23763. Thermal wells are used in the temperature measurement to

23764. The offset introduced by proportional controller with gain Kcin response of first order system can be reduced by

23765. A system with a double pole at the origin is unstable since the corresponding term in the time domain

23766. To increase the speed of response of a pressure spring liquid or gas expansion thermometer, the clearance space between the thermometer bulb and the thermal well should not be filled with

23767. In a second order under damped system, the

23768. In an exothermic chemical reactor, the manipulated variable is the flow rate of

23769. Very low pressure is expressed in microns(μ), which is equal to __________ mm of Hg coloumn (absolute) at 0°C.

23770. The inverse Laplace transform of the function is

23771. Thermal conductivity based continuous flue gas analyser makes use of varying thermal conductivity of the constituents of flue gases. Which of the following constituents of flue gases has the maximum thermal conductivity ?

23772. Emf generated in a thermocouple depends on the temperature

23773. Working principle of mercury in glass thermometer is based on the __________ of mercury with increase in temperature.

23774. Building blocks of proteins are?

23775. Number of poles in a system with transfer function is

23776. Radiation thermometer can not measure the temperature

23777. Temperature measurement by optical pyrometer is done above __________ point, which is 1063°C.

23778. Continuous flue gas analyser makes use of paramagnetic properties of some of its constituents, which move towards the strongest part of the magnetic field thus displacing diamagnetic gases. Which of the following gases is diamagnetic ?

23779. Dilatometer is used to measure

23780. Mass spectrometer is used for the composition analysis of

23781. A first order system with a time constant of 1 min is subjected to frequency response analysis. At an input frequency of 1 radian/min, the phase shift is

23782. __________ stability method uses open loop transfer function.

23783. A pyranometer is an instrument used for measuring the

23784. All the thermocouples used for temperature measurement use dissimilar metal

23785. The transfer function of a first order system is

23786. Composition of alloys can be determined by

23787. Optical activity of a solution can be determined using a

23788. Stability of a control system containing a transportation lag can be best analysed by

23789. Stabilising time for the controllers is the time required for the response to reach __________ percent of its ultimate value.

23790. Time constant is the

23791. Mercury manometer (U-tube type) exemplifies a __________ order system.

23792. Emf developed by a thermocouple while measuring a temperature of 400°C is 22 mV. The type of thermocouple used is

23793. Bode stability method uses __________ loop transfer function.

23794. Working principle of bimetallic thermometers is difference in linear co-efficient of thermal expansion of two strips of different metals welded together. Which of the following has the maximum thermal co-efficient of linear expansion?

23795. Which of the following is not a second order instrument ?

23796. Small furnace draught is accurately measured by an inclined tube manometer, in which the manometric liquid used most commonly is

23797. Specific conductance is defined as the reciprocal of resistance in ohms of 1c.c. of liquid at a specified temperature. Its value for distilled water is about __________ micro mho/cm3.

23798. A simple pitot tube measures the

23799. For a feed back control system to be stable, the

23800. A mercury thermometer can not be used to measure the temperature below the freezing point of mercury, which is __________ °C.

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