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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 514

25701. The name of 24 hour classical music both Carnatic and Hindustani audio channel launched by All India Radio recently

25702. The window which projects outside a room of a building for admitting more light and air, is known

25703. Weep holes are provided in retaining and breast walls

25704. The window which is provided on a sloping roof of a building, is called

25705. Vertical construction joints are provided where the shearing forces are minimum in the case of

25706. Jean Dreze,the Belgian Economist is associated with the programme of

25707. The bearing capacity of granite is generally

25708. A wall constructed with stones to protect slopes of cuttings in natural ground from the action of weathering agents, is called

25709. The Queen’s Step well,a monument in medieval India constructed by Udayamathi for the memory of her husband Bimdev.It discovered by Archaeological Survey of India in

25710. The ceiling height of a building is

25711. Which among the Indian state formed on 1st May 1960?

25712. For a rectangular foundation of width b, eccentricity of load should not exceed

25713. The width of the hollow space between two walls of a cavity wall should not exceed

25714. The service area in a building means the area occupied by

25715. The X-ray rooms are plastered with

25716. Slate

25717. The line of intersection of two surfaces of a sloping roof forming an internal angle less than 180°, is known as

25718. The process of working a flat for the finishing coat, is known

25719. The type of arch used for high class buildings where appearance is of prime importance, is known as

25720. The minimum strength of the mortar used in load bearing brick masonry, is

25721. In ordinary residential and public buildings, the damp proof course is generally provided at

25722. Under reamed piles are generally used for

25723. The thickness of a reinforced brick partition wall, is generally kept

25724. The wedge shaped bricks forming an arch ring, are called

25725. A pointed arch which forms isosceles or equilateral triangle, is generally known as

25726. The art of bringing the floor to a true level surface by means of screads, is called

25727. In case of Raymond pile

25728. Queen closer may be placed

25729. Dado is usually provided in

25730. The foundation in which a cantilever beam is provided to join two footings, is known as

25731. The foundations are placed below ground level, to increase

25732. Bernama is the National News Agency of

25733. Hugo Divries published the Mutation Theory in

25734. The famous Merdekka Stadium or Independence Stadium situated in

25735. The train Mythri Express or Moitree Express runs between

25736. US Military operation against the Islamic State of Iraql and Levant(ISIL)is known as

25737. Ultimate strength to cement is provided by

25738. Elastomers can extend upto

25739. Bitumen felt

25740. In the method of condensation polymerization,

25741. In the cement the compound quickest to react with water, is

25742. The initial setting time of lime-pozzolana, is

25743. The clay to be used for manufacturing bricks for a large project, is dugout and allowed to weather throughout

25744. The rocks which are formed due to cooling of magma at a considerable depth from earth's surface are called

25745. Quartzite is a

25746. The variety of pig iron used for manufacture of wrought iron, is

25747. Sand stone is

25748. If the furnace is provided with insufficient fuel at low temperatures, the type of pig iron produced, is called

25749. Who did Patronize and protect Sanchi Stupa?

25750. Pick up the hypabyssal rock from the following:

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