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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 542

27101. For a fixed beam with span L, having plastic moment capacity of Mp, the ultimate central concentrated load will be

27102. The group index of a soil subgrade is 7. The subgrade soil is rated as

27103. Pipingin soil occurs when

27104. Gold is .................. precious metal. (Put article wherever necessary)?

27105. The span (s) to be loaded uniformly for maximum positive (upward) reaction at support P, as shown in the figure below, is (are)

27106. Mechanical stabilization requires :

27107. The disinfection efficiency of chlorine in water treatment

27108. Chlorine is some times used in sewage treatment

27109. The deflection of a cantilever beam at free end b applied with a moment M at the same point is :

27110. A saturated clay stratum draining both at the top and bottom undergoes 50 percent consolidation in 16 years under an applied load. If an additional drainage layer were present at the middle of the clay stratum, 50 percent consolidation would occur in

27111. Water flows at a rate of 10 m3/s in a rectangular channel 3 m wide. The critical depth of flow is

27112. Coagulation-flocculation with alum is performed :

27113. Blue baby disease (methaemoglobinemia) in children is caused by the presence of excess

27114. Breakpoint chlorination of water involves addition of chlorine in an amount sufficient to:

27115. A borrow pit soil has a dry density of 17 kN/m3. How many cubic meters of this soil will be required to construct an embankment of 100 m3 volume with a dry density of 16 kN/m3.

27116. The ultimate bearing capacity of a soil is 300 kN/m2. The depth of foundation is 1 m and unit weight of soil is 20 kN/m3. Choosing a factor of safety of 2.5, the net safe bearing cacpacity is

27117. One of the following statements is true with regards to bodies that float or are submerged in liquids :

27118. Transition curves are provided on the approach to horizontal curves in order to :

27119. The flow of water (mass density = 1000 kg/m3 and kinematic viscosity = 10-6 m2/s) in a commercial pipe, having equivalent roughness ks as 0.12 mm, yields an average shear stress at the pipe boundary = 600 N/m2. The value of ks/δ' (δ' being the thickness of laminar sub-layer) for this pipe is

27120. The unconfined compressive strength of a 'stiff clay' falls in the range

27121. What is the equivalent single wheel load of a dual wheel assembly carrying 20, 440 N each for pavement thickness of 20 cm ? Centre to centre spacing of tyres is 27 cm and the distance between the walls of tyres is 11 cm

27122. A person standing on the bank of a canal drops a stone on the water surface. He notices that the disturbance on the water surface in not travelling upstream. This is because the flow in the canal is

27123. A circular sewer 2 m diameter has to carry a discharge of 2 m3/s when flowing nearly full. What is the minmum required slope to initiate the flow ? (Assume Manning's n = 0.015)

27124. The material that exhibits the same elastic properties in all the directions at a point, is said to be

27125. If the porosity of a soil sample is 20%, the void ratio is

27126. The magnitude of the bending moment at the fixed support of the beam is equal to :

27127. A soil sample has a void ratio of 0.5 and its porosity will be close to

27128. Which one of the following statements is true with regard to the flexibility method of analysis?

27129. An isolated T beam is used as a walkway. The beam is simply supported with an effective span of 6 m. The effective width of flange, for the cross-section shown in the below figure is

27130. For a highway with design speed of 100 kmph, the safe overtaking sight distance is (assume accelerations as 0.53 m/sec2)

27131. For a flow of 5.7 MLD (million litres per day) and a detention time of 2 hours, the surface area of a rectangular sedimentation tank to remove all particles having settling velocity of 0.33 mm/s is

27132. If the deformations of the truss-members are as shown in parentheses, the rotation of the member bd is :

27133. The shape of clay particle is usually

27134. As per IS : 800-1984 the maximum allowable slenderness ratio of compression members carrying forces resulting from dead load and superimposed load is

27135. The unit for coefficient of subgrade modulus is

27136. Plate bearing test with 20 cm diameter plate on soil subgrade yielded a pressure of 1.25 x 105 N/m2 at 0.5 cm deflection. What is the elastic modulus of subgrade ?

27137. Use of coagulants such as alum

27138. The maximum permissible deflection for a gantry girder, spanning over 6 m, on which an EOT (electric overhead travelling) crane of capacity 200 kN is operating, is

27139. A hyetograph is a graph representing

27140. If, for a fluid in motion, pressure at a point is same in all directions, then the fluid is :

27141. It is proposed to widen and strengthen an existing 2-lane NH section as a divided highway. The existing traffic in one direction is 2500 commercial vehicles (CV) per day. The construction will take 1 year. The design CBR of soil subgrade is found to be 5 percent, Given: traffic growth rate for CV = 8 percent, vehicle damage factor = 3.5 (standard axles per CV), design life = 10 years and traffic distribution factor = 0.75. The cumulative standard axles (msa) computed are

27142. If the shear force at a section of beam under bending is equal to zero then the bending moment at the section is

27143. In network of pipes

27144. A volume of 3.0 x 106 m3 of ground water was pumped out from an unconfined aquifer, uniformly from an area of 5 km2. The pumping lowered the water table from initial level of 102 m to 99 m. The specific yield of the aquifier is

27145. The stress-strain behaviour of soils as shown in the following figure corresponds to :

27146. The maximum allowable compressive stress corresponding to lateral buckling in a discretely laterally supported symmetrical I beam does not depend upon :

27147. The soils most susceptible to liquefaction are :

27148. The following general statement may be made about the penetration value and softening point of bitumen

27149. Sand drains are used to :

27150. For a 'best' symmetrical trapezoidal section of an open channel with a given area of section and side slopes, one of the following statements holds true :

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