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1. From your client computer, you are able to access several servers on your 10Base2 Ethernet network. However, you are NOT able to access a server names RED. Other client computers are able to access RED. What is the most likely cause of the problem?

2. Most routers can also act as bridges

3. Windows Naming Service (WINS)

4. What must you do to create a printer pool containing four shared printers on your Windows NT Server computer?

5. Assume, you are the administrator of the TUNA domain. You need to allow Lisa from the BASS domain to administrate the TUNA domain while you are on vacation. A one-way trust relationship has been set up so that TUNA trusts BASS. Which group assignments would accomplish your needs?

6. Which of the following statements about a local group account created by User Manager for Domains is true?

7. Peter uses a Microsoft Windows 95 computer. What should he do to be able to administer domain user accounts from his computer?

8. You are setting up a network in a school. You need to network 5 computers for the file and printer sharing. You want to use some donated cable and Ethernet adapters. You identify the donated adapters as ARCnet coaxial network adapters and 10Base2 Ethernet network adapters. You install an Ethernet adapter in each of the 5 computers and connect the donated cable. The computers are NOT able to maintain reliable communication. You suspect that you are NOT using the correct type of coaxial cable. Which type of coaxial cable should you be using?

9. The rating in bits per second for UTP Cat 5 wiring is

10. In building cabling, horizontal wiring from the telecommunications closet (TC) to the wall outlet has a distance limitation of

11. You are installing a network interface card on a computer with the following configuration: a 5867133 CPU, 16MB or RAM, a 800-MB IDE hard disk, a parallel port configured as LPT1, and a serial port configured as COM1, which is currently used by a mouse. In addition to the IDE host adapter and the video card, the following devices have been installed on the computer's expansion bus: a modem on COM2, a SCSI host adapter for a CD-ROM drive, and a sound card. The SCSI hose adapter is using IRQ 5, and the sound card is using IRQ 11. The network interface card that you are installing supports the following choices for IRQ: 2, 3, 4, 5, 9,10 and 11. Which IRQ(s) could you use for the network interface card without creating an IRQ conflict with another device?

12. Which layers of the OSI model are managed by a network protocol such as Microsoft NetBEUI?

13. What does the transport protocol do?

14. Bridges operate at the MAC layer (layer 2 of the OSI model.)

15. You need to install network adapters in 20 ISA-bus computers. Which rule must you follow when installing the network adapters?

16. Routers are often used to implement FIREWALLS

17. You are adding a new server to your network. The network uses TCP/IP. The new server will provide users with dial-up access to network resources. The data link communications protocol you choose for dial-up access must allow you to provide secure authentication. Which protocol should you choose?

18. Maria needs to install software on a Windows NT Server computer which is a backup domain controller. When she attempts to log on to the server, she receives the message "Unable to log on locally". What must you do to enable Maria to log on to the server?

19. Why does a high number of broadcast messages adversely affect overall network performance?

20. You want to find out which users are currently using a specific directory on a Windows NT Server computer. How should you do this?

21. Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol [DHCP]

22. Bridges are ideally used in environments where there a number of well defined workgroups

23. A company has a department that consists of 15 engineers. The engineers have data that needs to be accessible only to their own team. The department continually has engineers arriving and departing, and it is difficult to identify a single administrator for the department Which model would be the best for this situation?

24. A one-way trust relationship has been established in which the RESEARCH domain trusts the TESTING domain. The Guest account is disabled in both domains. As a user belonging to a global group called Testers in the TESTING domain, you want to access a shared directory on a Windows NT Advanced Server in the RESEARCH domain. Which action would give you access?

25. Assume that all users are members of the ACE domain and that most of the resources exist in the PUBS and CAD domains. You are a user with administrator rights in all domains. How would you allow users to access all of the resources, with a minimum set of trust relationships?

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