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1. A device which converts BCD to seven segment is called

2. In 2's complement representation the number 11100101 represents the decimal number

3. A decade counter skips

4. BCD input 1000 is fed to a 7 segment display through a BCD to 7 segment decoder/driver. The segments which will lit up are

5. A ring counter with 5 flip flops will have

6. For the gate in the given figure the output will be

7. In the expression A + BC, the total number of minterms will be

8. Which of the following is non-saturating?

9. The number of digits in octal system is

10. The access time of a word in 4 MB main memory is 100 ms. The access time of a word in a 32 kb data cache memory is 10 ns. The average data cache bit ratio is 0.95. The efficiency of memory access time is

11. The expression Y = p M (0, 1, 3, 4) is

12. An 8 bit DAC has a full scale output of 2 mA and full scale error of ± 0.5%. If input is 10000000 the range of outputs is

13. Decimal 43 in hexadecimal and BCD number system is respectively.

14. The circuit of the given figure realizes the function

15. An AND gate has two inputs A and B and one inhibit input 3, Output is 1 if

16. The greatest negative number which can be stored is 8 bit computer using 2's complement arithmetic is

17. A JK flip flop has tpd= 12 ns. The largest modulus of a ripple counter using these flip flops and operating at 10 MHz is

18. The basic storage element in a digital system is

19. In a ripple counter,

20. A 12 bit ADC is used to convert analog voltage of 0 to 10 V into digital. The resolution is

21. For the truth table of the given figure Y =

22. A full adder can be made out of

23. If the functions w, x, y, z are as follows. w = R + P Q + R S , x = PQR S + PQR S + PQ R S Then

24. The output of a half adder is

25. Minimum number of 2-input NAND gates required to implement the function F = (x + y ) (Z + W) is

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