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1. The input impedance of short-circuited line of length l where λ/4 < l < λ/2, is

2. A wave is propagated in a waveguide at frequency of 9 GHz and separation is 2 cm between walls find cut off wavelength for dominant mode.

3. Find the radiation resistance of an antenna of length λ/10 meter?

4. Charge needed within a unit sphere centred at the origin for producing a potential field,

5. A rectangular metal waveguide filled with a dielectric of relative permittivity εr = 4, has the inside dimensions 3 x 1.2 cm, the cut off frequency for the dominant mode is

6. A wave is propagated in a waveguide at frequency of 9 GHz and separation is 2 cm between walls Calculate group velocity for dominant mode.

7. For F1 layer the maximum ionic density is 2.3 x 104 electrons per cc. The critical frequency for this layer will be

8. Olympus Mons, the highest volcanic mountain is in which planet?

9. The velocity of electromagnetic wave in a good conductor is

10. The phenomenon of natural rise or fall of liquid column in a narrow tube is known as?

11. Consider a 300 Ω, quarter wave long at 1 GHz transmission line as shown in figure. It is connected to a 10 V, 50 Ω source at one end is left open circuited at the other end. The magnitude of the voltage at the open circuit end of the line is

12. The phase angle corresponding to λ/4 in a standing-wave pattern is

13. A hollow rectangular waveguide has dimensions a = 2b. Calculate the amount of attenuation, if the frequency is 3 GHz, and b = 1 cm.

14. Calculate the directivity of an antenna for θE = 30°, θH = 60

15. Most antenna consisting of a 50 meter long vertical conductor operates over a perfectly conducting ground plane. It is base fed at a frequency of 600 kHz. The radiation resistance of the antenna in ohms is

16. A (75 - j 40) W load is connected to a co-axial line of z0 = 75ω at 6 MHz. The load matching on the line can be accomplished by connecting

17. A plane wave is characterized by the wave is

18. The electric field on the surface of a perfect conductor is 2V/m. The conductor is immersed in water with ε = 80 ε0. The surface charge density on the conductor is ((ε0 = 10-9/36p )F/m)

19. A wave is propagated in a waveguide at frequency of 9 GHz and separation is 2 cm between walls calculate the phase velocity for dominant mode.

20. A plane electromagnetic wave travels in dielectric medium of relative permittivity 9. Relative to free space, the velocity of propagation in the dielectric is

21. Consider a loss less antenna with a directive gain of + 6 dB. If 1 mW of power is fed to it the total power radiated by the antenna will be

22. A uniform plane wave is one in which

23. Provide antonyms of the given words: Blatant?

24. A short circuited stub is shunt connected to a transmission line as shown in the figure is, if z0 = 500 ohms, the admittance y seen at the function of the stub and the transmission line is

25. Which of the following should dominant wave have?

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