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111451. BHC is the common name of....?

Answer: Gamaxin

111452. Which gas lead to global warming?

Answer: Carbondioxide

111453. Which gas lead to ozone depletion?

Answer: Chlorofluro carbon

111454. What is the term used for the occurrence of more than one type of morphologically different leaves on the same plant?

Answer: Heterophylly

111455. What is cladode?

Answer: The modification of stem to carry the function of leaf is called cladode. eg: Opuntia

111456. What is the male reproductive part of the flower known as?

Answer: Stamens

111457. What is the most common nutritive tissue for the developing embryos in angiosperm known as?

Answer: Endosperm

111458. What is the common name of Agaricus?

Answer: Mushroom

111459. What is cambium?

Answer: Elongated cells in between xylem and phloem in dicot plants constitute cambium

111460. Write the name of the trees which flower only once in a complete life-cycle?

Answer: Monocarpic

111461. Give the name of an organism that derives its nourishment from another living organism?

Answer: Parasite

111462. How do plant cells differ from animal cells?

Answer: In having cell walls; plastids and large vacuoles

111463. Name an organism having characters of both plants and animals?

Answer: Euglena

111464. In which plants the annual rings are absent?

Answer: Gymnosperms

111465. What is the peculiarity of Gymnosperms?

Answer: They have naked ovules

111466. Fruits are not produced in gymnosperms. Why?

Answer: Because they are without an ovary

111467. In gymnosperms; How does pollination takes place?

Answer: Through Wind

111468. Name any polygamous type of plant?

Answer: Mango

111469. What do you mean by IUCN?

Answer: International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources

111470. Name a plant that forms fruits but no seed?

Answer: Banana

111471. Name a plant that forms seeds but no fruits?

Answer: Pinus

111472. What are Kelps?

Answer: Kelps are large sea weeds

111473. Write an example of an epiphyte?

Answer: Vanda

111474. Write an example of annuals?

Answer: Wheat; rice

111475. Write an example of Hydrophytes?

Answer: Hydrilla; Water lily; Lotus; Water Hyacinth

111476. Write an example of Mesophytes?

Answer: Cassia fistula; China Rose; Sunflower

111477. Which is the tallest tree?

Answer: Redwood Sequoia

111478. The process of developing new and improved varieties of plants?

Answer: Plant breeding

111479. The process of removing anther from a bisexual flower?

Answer: Emasculation

111480. The central plantation crops Research Institute is in?

Answer: Kasargod

111481. Where is the hybrid sugarcane centre situated?

Answer: Coimbatore

111482. The pepper research station is in?

Answer: Kannur (Panniyur)

111483. The modern techniques adopted for the improvement of plants?

Answer: Hybridisation and mutation

111484. What is phagocytosis?

Answer: Engulfing of solid food or foreign particles by the cell

111485. Where was IUCN started?

Answer: Switzerland

111486. Which is the first link of a food chain?

Answer: Producer or green plants

111487. The whole living world on the earth's surface is called?

Answer: Biosphere

111488. The biggest flower in the plant kingdom is?

Answer: Rafflesia.

111489. What are biotic factors?

Answer: Biotic factors include plants; animals; human beings and all other living organisms

111490. What is a protozoa?

Answer: It is unicellular organism

111491. The wall of a plant cell is made up of?

Answer: Cellulose

111492. What do you know about Fucus?

Answer: Fucus is a large brown seaweed

111493. What are Angiosperms?

Answer: They are flowering plants

111494. Which is the plant that stores food in its leaves?

Answer: Cabbage

111495. What is the name of the disease caused by the lack of iron in plants?

Answer: Chlorosis

111496. Which one is commonly known as "Band Silk"?

Answer: Spirogyra

111497. What is fertilization?

Answer: It means fusion of the nuclei of male and female gametes

111498. Where is National Botanical Garden situated?

Answer: Lucknow

111499. Cricket bats are made up of the wood of one tree. What is its name?

Answer: Willow

111500. What is the method by which plants absorb mineral salts?

Answer: They absorb mineral salts through osmosis
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