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151701. The author of the Sree Buddha Charitham:

Answer: Kumaranasan

151702. The Period of 11th five year plan:

Answer: 2007-2012

151703. Gandhiji entered Indian politics in connection with:

Answer: Rowlat Act agitation

151704. India govt plan to construct new corridor for high speed train with speed range 300-350 kmph. What is the present maximum speed of long distance train in India?

Answer: 100-120 kmph

151705. Who presided the Congress Session held at Belgaum in 1924?

Answer: Mahatma Gandhi

151706. One of the conditions required for maintaining National Party Status is among three states a party should win at least:

Answer: 11 seats

151707. Which river is known as "Ganga of the South"?

Answer: Kaveri

151708. The Secret Code of Germany to attack Russia in second world war:

Answer: Operation Barbarosa

151709. The upper most solid layer of the earth:

Answer: Lithosphere

151710. Amnesty International is an organization which campaigns:

Answer: For human rights and against detention of political prisoners

151711. Excise duty is a tax levied on

Answer: All manufactured goods

151712. What is the sex ratio (number of females for every 1000 males) in Kerala according to Census 2011?

Answer: 1084

151713. Moody"s Corporation is a/an:

Answer: Credit rating agency

151714. Who has the power to summon a meeting of the Lok Sabha?

Answer: The President

151715. An insect has legs.

Answer: 6

151716. In which year did the U.N. adopt the Universal Declaration of Human Rights?

Answer: 1948

151717. The term used for unsolicited emails:

Answer: Spam

151718. Mattancherry Palace in Kochi was built by:

Answer: The Portuguese

151719. The reason that lead to the closure of the British newspaper NEWS OF THE WORLD?

Answer: Unethical and illegal methods of news gathering

151720. Chelsea, Manchester United, Arsenal, and Liverpool these are:

Answer: Football Clubs

151721. The extension jpeg in the name of a file indicates that it is a/an file.

Answer: Image

151722. Catalytic converter in modern automobiles is used for?

Answer: Reducing air pollution

151723. Where is the Guantanamo Bay detention camp where the detainees from the war In Afghan and Iraq are reported to be kept for interrogation by the U.S.?

Answer: Cuba

151724. Ballon d"Or Award is given to the best player.

Answer: Football

151725. The political party registered by the Myanmar democratic leader Ang San Suu Kyi:

Answer: National League for Democracy

151726. Which country in the world first conferred voting rights on all women?

Answer: New Zealand

151727. Which place in India got the recognition of a "Globally Important Agricultural Heritage System"s Site" from the Food and Agricultural Organisation of the U.N., recently?

Answer: Koraput

151728. The "memogate" scandal created turmoil in the politics of this country. Identify the country.

Answer: Pakistan

151729. The 99th Indian Science Congress was held in:

Answer: Bhuvaneswar

151730. Which part of the human body absorbs oxygen directly from the air?

Answer: Cornea

151731. The political party formed in Pakistan by the cricketer Imran Khan

Answer: Tehrik-e-Insaf

151732. What is the objective of the ASHA Project in Kerala?

Answer: To ensure better health care for women and children in rural areas

151733. Union Minister of Law?

Answer: Sadananda Gowda

151734. Occupy Wall Street is a popular movement against:

Answer: Growing economic inequality

151735. What is the resolution of a Full H.D. Television screen?

Answer: 1920 x 1080p

151736. The book by KP. Ramanunni, selected for Vayalar Award 2011:

Answer: Jeevithathinte Pusthakam

151737. The Five K"s symbolize winch religion in India?

Answer: Sikhism

151738. Which Article of the Indian Constitution guarantees right to life and personal liberty for all citizens?

Answer: Article 21

151739. In athletics, what is signaled by firing twice the starting gun?

Answer: A false start

151740. With which sports item is the foul card of red and black card is associated?

Answer: Athletics

151741. The famous Ansari. X Prize is associated with which field?

Answer: Space exploration

151742. Which Belgian born Indian economist had conceptualized & drafted the first version of the National Rural Employment Guarantee Act?

Answer: Jean Dreze

151743. In which European city is the World Diamond Centre situated?

Answer: Antwerp (Belgium)

151744. Which place is affected by the local wind of "Sundowner"?

Answer: California (USA)

151745. Which country"s ongoing wildfire is "the Blue Cut"?

Answer: USA (California)

151746. What is measured with the help of the Medvedev-Sponheuer-Karnik Scale?

Answer: Intensity of earthquake

151747. Where is the headquarters of the Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology (IITM)?

Answer: Pune

151748. Which Indian State"s highest peak is Mullayanagiri?

Answer: Karnataka

151749. Which chemical has the nickname of "the Butter of Zinc"?

Answer: Zinc Chloride

151750. What is the cause of the disease "Monday Morning Fever"?

Answer: Exposure to fumes
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