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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 584

29201. The minimum compressive strength on 15 cm cubes of M 30 grade concrete at 7 days, should be a minimum of

29202. The grade of plain concrete to be used in sea water or structures exposed to sea water, should be

29203. In case of continuous beams, the distance between the points of zero moment, may be obtained as (where l is the effective span).

29204. The reinforcing bars in beams are not bundled in contact if the diameter of the bars, exceeds

29205. For the reinforced concrete member totally immersed in sea water, the normal cover provided for the reinforcing bars is further increased by

29206. The effective and actual lengths of a cantilever are same if continuous at the support,

29207. The value of fbct in the formula for calculating the thickness of a Rectangular base, according to IS : 800-1982, is

29208. The slenderness ratio of single angle discontinuous struts conmected by a single rivet or bolt, shall not exceed

29209. In adverse circumtances, the reinforced concrete member immersed in sea water or subjected to sea spray, the maximum permissible cover for the reinforcing bars, should not exceed

29210. If a column is subjected to dead load and super imposed load only, the maximum ratio should not be greater than

29211. If the dimensions of a rectangular section of a short column are 15 cm x 20 cm, its unsupported length should be restricted to

29212. The designed transverse shear in lacing is assumed as

29213. For the stability of a structural part, the weight or anchorage should be

29214. The creep coefficient i.e. the ratio of ultimate creep and elastic strain after

29215. For rolled I-beams and channels, permissible tensile and compressive stresses does not exceed

29216. In compression members, the lap length of a bar should not be less than

29217. The permissible bending stresses Pbet for steel slab bases should not exceed

29218. The cost price of 60 articles is equal to the selling price of 50 articles.The gain % is:

29219. For nominal mix concrete M 15, the required weight of fine and coarse aggregates is 350 kg and the volume of water is

29220. The maximum characteristic strength of the stirrups reinforcement, is taken

29221. Average of a,b,c is p and ab+bc+ca=3,What is the average of a2,b2,c2?

29222. Moist sand may contain surface water by mass upto

29223. The minimum horizontal distance between two parallel main reinforcing bars, is

29224. A square garden measuring 10 meter on a side is surrounded by a 2 meter wide path.What is the are of the path?

29225. 62+891+4+06=-------

29226. The spans of filler joists supporting a slab may be considered approximately equal if the longest span does not exceed the shortest span more than

29227. The thickness of the steel

29228. Bending moment values for filler joists

29229. Year of Poona Pact?

29230. The anchorage value of standard U-type hook of a reinforcing bar of diameter d in tension, is

29231. A simply supported beam shall be deemed to be a deep beam if the ratio of its effective span to overall depth, is

29232. For concreting of heavily reinforced sections without vibration, the workability of concrete should be

29233. The First President of “Kerala Sahithya Academy”?

29234. Which plant is called mother of medicinal plants?

29235. The Prime Minister who was instrumental in the formation of RAW:?

29236. All reinforcement should be free from

29237. If fck is the characteristic cube strength of concrete in N/mm2, the modulus of elasticity of structural concrete Ec = afck where the value of a, is

29238. The effective depth of a shallow beam is the distance between

29239. The minimum area of cross section of reinforcement in either direction of a slab should not be less than ...... of the slab cross section

29240. A work can finish 6 male workers or 9 female workers in 20 days.How many days take to finish the same work with 4 male workers and 4 female workers?

29241. Pick up the correct statement for the web stiffeners.

29242. Removal of props under

29243. To achieve uniform colour and consistency of the concrete by using ordinary Portland cement, the mixing time may be

29244. For calculating critical compression stress in bending Cs for sections symmetrical about the x-x axis, from the formula , the value of G is taken

29245. For the proportions

29246. Columns are designed for a minimum eccentricity equal to 1/30 (unsupported length ofthe column), subject to a minimum of

29247. The minimum diameter of longitudinal reinforcement of a column should not be less than

29248. For all practical purposes, the modulus of elasticity of steel is assumed

29249. The grade of reinforced concrete to be used in sea water or structures exposed to sea water should be

29250. If the specified thickness of a footing is 100 cm, the depth of the form work may be tolerated from

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