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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 638

31901. Relative humidity is the ratio of actual vapour pressure to the saturation vapour pressure

31902. Pick up correct statement from the following :

31903. Precipitation caused due to upward movement of warmer air as compared to surrounding air, is called

31904. Precipitation caused due to striking of air masses with a topographical feature, is called

31905. The specifications of most commonly used standard gauges in India, are

31906. . Who won the Bharata Ratna award 2008?

31907. The respective storm totals at three surrounding stations A, B and C are 110, 90 and 70 mm. If the normal annual precipitation amounts at stations X, A, B and C are respectively 1000, 1100, 1200 and 1250 mm, the estimated storm precipitation at X is

31908. The area enclosed by the adjacent isohyets of a catchment basin are shown under : The average depth of annual precipitation in the catchment basin will be

31909. The recurrence interval (R.I.) of 20 cm rain storm at a place is 5 years.

31910. Sharp crested weirs are generally used

31911. For efficient working of a control meter, its throat length is approximately kept

31912. A control meter is preferred to a weir because

31913. A river is said to be of uniform section if in its section

31914. The first Youth Olympics was held in

31915. The form factor of a drainage basin is obtained by dividing

31916. The area of a drainage basin whose axial length is 100 km is 2500 sq. km. Its form factor is

31917. If the axial length of a drainage basin is 35 km and its form factor is 0.2, the total area of the basin is

31918. The elevation Z of the watershed is : (where letters carry their usual meanings)

31919. Run off is measured in

31920. Anticoagulants citrate and oxalates prevent blood clotting. This is done by removing?

31921. Where is the JRD Tata Sports Complex situated?

31922. . The winner of 64th Santhosh Troph Football:

31923. Bernard's distribution graph is a plot of time on X-axis and

31924. An intense rain is falling at a uniform rate of 7.5 cm/hour for a period of 60 minutes on a basin whose areas is 500 hectares. If the average infiltration capacity during the entire rain period is assumed to be 1.5 cm/hr, the maximum run-off rate based on 10 minute peak percentage of 16% from distributing graph of the basin, is

31925. . The Kerala ADGP who won th President's Police medal of 2010:

31926. Isopiastic lines are the contours

31927. The coefficients of permeability of soils of an unconfined aquifer and another confined aquifer were determined by pumping water from the wells and observing the effect of water table in two test wells at equal distances was found to be equal. The total height of confined aquifer H is given by

31928. The radius of influence is

31929. When a constant discharge 2.91 litres/sec. was obtained in a pumping test, the draw downs in the test wells at 3 m and 6.184 m were 2.6 m and 0.3 m respectively. If over-all depth of the pumping well was 16 m, the permeability of the soil, is

31930. The radioactive isotope used to study thyroid gland is?

31931. If h is the loss due to friction in a pipe. Total losses in strainer and bends may be taken as

31932. If the loss due to friction in pipes is 4 m, the total losses in strainer and bends may be taken as

31933. The rate of evaporation from reservoirs may be determined by

31934. In estimating the rate of evaporation from the reservoir surface, a pan 1.5 metres in diameter, was filled upto 8.0 cm. During a specified period of time, the rainfall recorded was 5 cm. 3 cm of water was removed from the pan to keep the depth of water. At the end of the time, the depth was 9 cm. If the pan coefficient is 0.6, the evaporation loss is

31935. Dicken's formula for high flood estimate, is useful only for the catchments in

31936. Ryve's formula for flood estimate in cumecs, is

31937. Levees and flood walls,

31938. Water contains

31939. Unit Hydrograph theory was enunciated by

31940. The theory of infiltration capacity was given by

31941. Hydrology helps in

31942. . Saina Nehwal, the winner of 'Raji Gandhi Khelratna Puraskar' is a player of

31943. . Who among the following is the U.S Foreign Secretary?

31944. . In which year Right to Information Ac came into force?

31945. . Which among the following banks go ISO certificate first?

31946. . Hertha Muller, the Nobel Prize (literature) winner of 2009 belongs to:

31947. . Fields Medal', is associated with:

31948. The transitional middle portion of a logistic curve follows

31949. . They ..............fun of him:

31950. Pick up the incorrect statement from the following regarding fire hydrants

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