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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 970

48501. The switching speed of CMOS is now ________.

48502. Audit fee calculated by Transport society is:

48503. The power dissipation, PD, of a logic gate is the product of the ________.

48504. A logic probe is again applied to the pins of a 7421 IC with the following results. Is there a problem with the circuit and if so, what is the problem?

48505. If a 3-input AND gate has eight input possibilities, how many of those possibilities will result in a HIGH output?

48506. The Boolean expression for a 3-input AND gate is ________.

48507. A CMOS IC operating from a 3-volt supply will consume ________.

48508. What does the small bubble on the output of the NAND gate logic symbol mean?

48509. What are the pin numbers of the outputs of the gates in a 7432 IC?

48510. The secretary of a Society may be:

48511. If the input to a NOT gate is A and the output is X, then ________.

48512. A logic probe is used to test the pins of a 7411 IC with the following results. Is there a problem with the chip and if so, what is the problem?

48513. How many inputs of a four-input AND gate must be HIGH in order for the output of the logic gate to go HIGH?

48514. If the output of a three-input AND gate must be a logic LOW, what must the condition of the inputs be?

48515. Logically, the output of a NOR gate would have the same Boolean expression as a(n):

48516. As per Sec----------every member of a society shall exercise the vote in person.

48517. What is the Boolean expression for a three-input AND gate?

48518. Which of the following gates has the exact inverse output of the OR gate for all possible input combinations?

48519. What is the difference between a 7400 and a 7411 IC?

48520. Write the Boolean expression for an inverter logic gate with input C and output Y.

48521. The output of an exclusive-OR gate is HIGH if ________.

48522. A clock signal with a period of 1 s is applied to the input of an enable gate. The output must contain six pulses. How long must the enable pulse be active?

48523. The AND function can be used to ________ and the OR function can be used to ________ .

48524. One advantage TTL has over CMOS is that TTL is ________.

48525. A 2-input NOR gate is equivalent to a ________.

48526. If a 3-input OR gate has eight input possibilities, how many of those possibilities will result in a HIGH output?

48527. Fan-out is specified in terms of ________.

48528. How many input combinations would a truth table have for a six-input AND gate?

48529. What is the circuit number of the IC that contains four two-input AND gates in standard TTL?

48530. The terms "low speed" and "high speed," applied to logic circuits, refer to the ________.

48531. The NOR logic gate is the same as the operation of the ________ gate with an inverter connected to the output.

48532. The UN Secretary General who was elected as the Prime Minister of a country.?

48533. With regard to an AND gate, which statement is true?

48534. The term "hex inverter" refers to:

48535. How many inputs are on the logic gates of a 74HC21 IC?

48536. The basic logic gate whose output is the complement of the input is the:

48537. When reading a Boolean expression, what does the word "NOT" indicate?

48538. The output of an exclusive-NOR gate is HIGH if ________.

48539. How many AND gates are found in a 7411 IC?

48540. Which of the following equations would accurately describe a four-input OR gate when A = 1, B = 1, C = 0, and D = 0?

48541. What is the name of a digital circuit that produces several repetitive digital waveforms?

48542. The basic types of programmable arrays are made up of ________.

48543. The logic gate that will have HIGH or "1" at its output when any one (or more) of its inputs is HIGH is a(n):

48544. CMOS IC packages are available in ________.

48545. Which of the following is not a basic Boolean operation?

48546. Which of the following gates is described by the expression ?

48547. What is the Boolean expression for a four-input OR gate?

48548. How many truth table entries are necessary for a four-input circuit?

48549. How many entries would a truth table for a four-input NAND gate have?

48550. The Boolean expression for a 3-input OR gate is ________.

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