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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 575

28751. The Indian standard code which deals with steel structures, is

28752. When two plates are placed end to end and are joined by two cover plates, the joint is known as

28753. The moment of the couple set up in a section of a beam by the logitudinal compressive and tensile force, is known as

28754. Which country’s court poet was Atula in the ancient Kerala?

28755. The communist Manifesto was written in?

28756. A major beam in a building structure, is known as

28757. Rolled steel Tee-sections are used

28758. A compression member consisting of angle sections may be a

28759. The equivalent axial load is obtained from the fomula

28760. According to IS : 800-1962 the permissible bending stress in steel slab plates, is

28761. A simply supported beam carrying a central load, will be safe in deflection if the ratio of its span to depth, is

28762. For double angles carrying tension, placed back to back and connected to either side of the gusset plate, the sectional area of the section, is equal to cross sectional area of

28763. When a load is transferred through one surface to another surface in contact, the stress is known as

28764. The most commonly used sections in lateral system to carry shear force in built up columns, are

28765. ........ solids are readily soluble in water?

28766. For steel members not exposed to weather, the thickness of steel should not be less than

28767. The minimum pitch of rivet holes of diameter d should not be less than

28768. What is the election symbol of Telugu Desam Party?

28769. The beams supporting the steps of a stair are generally known as

28770. Which acts like the film in camera?

28771. For a steel grillage footing to support two unequal column loads

28772. In case of cantilever fillers, the ratio of the span L to depth d, should not exceed

28773. The rivets which are heated and then driven in the field, are known

28774. The strength of a riveted lap joint is equal to its

28775. The slenderness ratio of a column is zero when its length

28776. Which among the following, the lastest member of Common wealth?

28777. The main advantage of a steel member, is :

28778. A 20 mm dia steel bar which is subjected to an axial tension of 2300 kg/cm2 produces a strain of 0.004 cm. If Young's modulus of steel is 2.1 x 106 kg/cm2, the bar is

28779. Poisson's ratio for steel within elastic limit, ranges from

28780. Audio tapes have ......... property?

28781. When a large value of radius of gyration is not required

28782. The maximum axial load which is just sufficient to keep a column in a small deflected shape, is called

28783. If the slenderness ratio is greater than 160, the allowable stress in axial compression is multiplied by a factor (1.2 - (l/xy) where x is

28784. The effective length of a compression member of length L, held in position and restrained in direction at both ends, is

28785. Spans of continuous fillers are considered approximately equal if the longest span does not exceed the shortest span by more than

28786. The gross diameter of a rivet is the diameter of

28787. Diameter of a rivet hole is made larger than the diameter of the rivet by

28788. Number of rivets required in a joint, is

28789. When a tension member consists of two channel sections, the allowance for rivet hole is made for two holes from

28790. If d is the distance between the flange angles, the vertical stiffeners in plate girders without horizontal stiffeners, are spaced at a distance not less than

28791. A column splice is used to increase

28792. Who is the first lady from Kerala who was appointed as Governor of a State?

28793. Least distance of distinct vision is nearly equal to?

28794. The ratio of the span L of the filler joists to the depth d from the under side of the joist to the top of the structural concrete, should not exceed

28795. The maximum tensile and compressive bending stress in extreme fibres of rolled I-sections and channels on the effective section, is

28796. Perforated cover plates are particularly suitable for built up sections consisting of

28797. The tensile strength of mild steel for bolts and nuts should not be less than

28798. A riveted joint may experience

28799. With a percentage increase of carbon in steel, decreases its

28800. Which of the following materials are used for preparing blue-black ink?

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