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28801. In double lacing, the thickness t of flat lacing is

28802. When the length of a tension member is too long

28803. An imaginary line along which rivets are placed, is known as

28804. The allowable stress in axial tension is generally kept less if thickness of the member is more than

28805. The maximum permissible slenderness ratio of compression member carrying dead and superimposed load, is

28806. The safe working pressure for a spherical vessel 1.5 m diameter and having 1.5 cm thick wall not to exceed tensile stress 50kg/cm2 , is

28807. Lug angle is

28808. Effective length of a column effectively held in position and restrained in direction at both ends, is

28809. A riveted joint many experience

28810. Who amongst the following Bhakti-cult saints was the product of the 15th century?

28811. IS : 800 - 1971 recommends that in a splice plate the number of rivets carrying calculated shear stress through a packing greater than 6 mm thick, is to be increased by 2.5% for every

28812. In those days we had a car, so we ......... travel very easily.?

28813. When the upper column does not provide full bearing area over lower column, the column splice is provided with the following assumption

28814. For a steel member of slenderness ratio 350, the allowable stress is 76 kg/cm2 if it is

28815. The permissible stress to which a structural member can be subjected to, is known as

28816. Professional designers can create sophisticated documents that contain text, graphics and many colours using ..........software?

28817. Tacking rivets in compression plates not exposed to the weather, have a pitch not exceeding 300 mm or

28818. Effective length of a column effectively held in position and restrained in direction at one end but neither held in position nor restrained in direction at the other end, is

28819. ‘Sahodaran’ was a paper started by?

28820. The effective length of a double angle strut with angles placed back to back and connected to both the sides of a gusset plate, by not less than two rivets, is

28821. According to the Unwin's formula, if t is thickness of the plate in mm, the nominal diameter of the rivet, is

28822. Who was the author of Utopia?

28823. For the purpose of giving bank loans, the priority sector consists of?

28824. Which musician composed the raga ‘Priyadarshini’ on Mrs. Indira Gandhis death?

28825. On eccentrically loaded columns, the equivalent axial load may be obtained by

28826. The distance between the outer faces of flanges of a plate girder, is known as

28827. To the calculated area of cover plates of a built-up beam, an allowance for rivet holes to be added, is

28828. The connection of one beam to another beam by means of an angle at the bottom and an angle at the top, is known as

28829. Allowable working stress corresponding to the slenderness ratio of double angles placed back to back and connected to one side of a gusset plate, is reduced to

28830. Bulb angles are used in

28831. Effective sectional area of a compression member is :

28832. A fillet weld whose axis is parallel to the direction of the applied load, is known as

28833. Assuming the values of maximum deviation ΔP and ΔE to be 25% of the computed value of P and E respectively, the minimum value of the factor of safety is

28834. In case horizontal stiffeners are not used, the distance between vertical legs of flange angles at the top and bottom of a plate girder, is known as

28835. Rolled steel angle sections are classified as

28836. Factor of safety is the ratio of

28837. Cold driven rivets range from

28838. The main type of butt joints, is a double cover

28839. Outstanding length of a compression member consisting of a channel, is measured as

28840. The equivalent axial load may be defined as the load which produces a stress equal to

28841. If d is the distance between the flange angles of a plate girder, vertical stiffeners are provided at a distance not greater than

28842. The beam outside a wall upto floor level above it, is known as

28843. A structural member subjected to tensile force in a direction parallel to its logitudinal axis, is generally known as

28844. For the economical design of a combined footing to support two equal column loads, the projections of beams in lower tier are kept such that bending moment under column is equal to

28845. In rolled steel beams, shear force is mostly resisted by

28846. When plates are exposed to weather, tacking rivets are provided at a pitch in line not exceeding (where t is the thickness of the outside plate).

28847. The greatest gauge of long rivets should not exceed (where d is the diameter of the holes).

28848. Maximum permissible slenderness ratio of a member normally acting as a tie in a roof truss, is

28849. If d is the distance between the flange angles,

28850. Which is known as ‘Plastic Money’?

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