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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2806

140301. When a piece of high-carbon steel is heated to red hot,then plunged into cold water it will be:

140302. The steel must be heated upto the ---------temperature and quenched for hardening.

140303. The operation of removing the burr of the drop forged parts is known as:

140304. It is necessary to temper all parts after hardening:

140305. When hardening steel by the carburising process,after the steel has been heated to the correct temperature and for the correct amount of time,furnace is shut off and the steel is:

140306. Proper control of the-------------in a heat-treating furnace is necessary to prevail excessive scaling of parts being hardene

140307. An important scooter part produced by drop forging is:

140308. The process of softening a metal piece and removal of internal stress is called:

140309. Connecting rods and Double ended spanners are manufactured in large quantities by------process.

140310. The product which results from annealing white cast iron is called:

140311. In hot working of metals,the temperature of material is:

140312. Which test is used to check the evenness of the coating on galvanized wire?

140313. The deformation of material in cold working and hot working is:

140314. What mechanical property is desired so that it can be forged?

140315. In which metal forming process the material is shaped by means of intermittent blows on it.

140316. -----can be used to scribe lines parallel to the edges of the work.

140317. Good quality scales for use in smithy shop measurements are usually made of:

140318. In cold working of metals,the temperature of material is:

140319. In an open heath,the work makes-----------contact with fuel.

140320. The best fuel is for blacksmith’s hearths is Charcoal,because it contains no:

140321. In a heating furnace the work piece does not come into direct contact with the:

140322. The blower is an attachment to the hearth for supplying:

140323. With excessive heating the forgings suffer from:

140324. If the forging operaion is finished at a lower temperature,this leads to:

140325. The two faces of a sledge hammer are:

140326. The body of the anvil is made of:

140327. The hand hammers are made of:

140328. Scarf weld is belongs to:

140329. ONE STRAW REVOLUTION is a book written by:

140330. ’Macondo’ is an imaginary place in a novel written by Gabriel Garcia Marquez.What is the name of that novel?

140331. Chenthuruni wildlife sanctuary is situated in the district of:

140332. Who was the founder of Lodi Dynasty?

140333. ETNA volcano situated in:

140334. ’Enmakaje’ is the great work related with Endosulfan victims in Kasargode.Who is the author of this book?

140335. Who won the Swathi Sangeetha Puraskar 2014?

140336. India had a plan holiday between:

140337. Proposed Capital of Andhra Pradesh is:

140338. Odd one out,Chalakkudippuzha,Kunthipuzha,Pumpa,Pampar

140339. The real name of Dr.Palpu,the social reformer of kerala:

140340. Who was the founder and publisher of the newspaper ‘Swedeshabhimani’?

140341. The river Bhavani is originated and flows from which plateau of Kerala?

140342. The Vice Chairman of Rajyasabha is:

140343. Who is the first woman President of WHO(World Health Organisation)?

140344. The’Nehru Report’of 1928 is related with:

140345. The beginning of 1857 revolt is on:

140346. The Vice Chancellor of Thunchath Ezhuthachan Malayalam University is:

140347. In which year Silent Valley declared as a National Park?

140348. The poem’Prarodhanam’is written by:

140349. The war of Kallinga is associated with:

140350. The first country in the world to eliminate Mother-to-Child transmission of HIV and Syphilis:

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